Zine library

Since 1989 La Fanzinothèque is a documentation center specialized in zines: small run editions, comix zines, sf, genre films, gay, lesbian, political, rock, punk, jazz, literature…

– an international collection

– a unique collection of over 50 000 documents from the 1950’s to present day



La Fanzinothèque works like a public library.

Users can read on the spot, volunteer to help the librarian and the screen printer.

They can drop or send their zines so it can be available at the Fanzinothèque.

With a yearly 5 euro subscription, they can: borrow 3 fanzines for 3 weeks.


To find a zine from the Fanzinothèque collections, have a look on the CATALOGZINE section, you will find a database of the Fanzino collections (except the international zines for now).

In the DOC’ROCK section, there are articles from french and francophone music fanzines edited between 1996 and 2000. (1500 titles, 30000 references)

In the EXPOSITION VIRTUELLE section, there is an adaptation of the exhibition « 20 years of rock fanzines 1977-1997 – history of a parralel movement » that allows you to read the history of rock fanzines while consulting the ones that were digitized.


La Fanzinothèque is also a screenprinting studio: LE LABO DE SERIGRAPHIE.

Always with the desire to see people want to make things themselves with few resources,

Le Labo runs workshops like introduction to screenprinting and creation through several techniques and themes. fanzines, buttons, posters, etching on plaster, papermaking… recreation centre, prison, kindergarten grade school high school, retirement home…



La Fanzinothèque regularly stages and participates to events (exhibitions, encounters, etc..) that show the richness and creativity of fanzines and underground art.

With its Distro (a sales booth for fanzines, books, posters..) la Fanzino participates in local, national and international events.


La Fanzinothèque is located in the Confort Moderne (at the back of the bar area), at a 15 minute walk from downtown, on the way to the University campus.

BUS 3 and 12 – Confort Moderne stop.

If you come by train, take the bus 3 in the Buxerolles Milètrie direction for a 10 minute ride.

185, rue du Faubourg du Pont-Neuf 86000 POITIERS – FRANCE

+33 (0) 5 49 46 85 58 – fanzino@www.fanzino.org – www.fanzino.org



10AM to 12PM and fron 2PM to 5PM on Monday to Friday and on concert nights at the Confort Moderne

also on appointment (on the spot consultation without subscription)

Pont-Neuf neighborhood

bus line 12 or 3 http://www.vitalis-poitiers.fr/poitiers

SNCF train station

Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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ZINES are paper media of underground cultures.

The word fanzine (from fanatic and magazine) appeared in the 1930’s in the USA to designate the amateur publications created and distributed by science-fiction addicts (shunned by the official press at the time).

Nowadays, a (fan)zine can be a magazine by fans as well as an artistic, literary or political means of expression or even a pure object of creation. With multiple contents and aspects, fanzines have a common approach: DO IT YOURSELF from the beginning to the end, with no lucrative purpose.

A zine is considered as such from the moment it’s author decides it is one.

A solo or collective endeavor, the publication of a zine is often connected to underground fields (graphics, comix, urban art, extreme music and concert organization, exploitation films, mail art, etc.).